Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Dresses

Have you been shopping for a girl's dress lately? Where are the sleeves?

We spent about four hours looking for an Easter dress for my oldest daughter. We went to three stores together, and I had been to four others previously. Grand total of size 12 dresses with sleeves: about six. Three were in the last store we visited.

After an hour at the final store, I finally put my foot down and told her she would have to wear a blouse under a sleeveless dress, so we spent another hour looking for blouses or sweaters to match the sleeveless dresses.

She finally found a dress with sleeves. It looks white in this photo, but it is really ivory.

And here are the other two girls. The pretty green/butterfly dress was from Costco. She made me cut off a layer of netting ruffles on the bottom of the skirt before she would wear it because it was itchy. Miss E. didn't complain about anything!


  1. I found the girl's Easter dresses at Costco and they have 1/2 sleeves which are also very frustrating to me. They look like sleeves and then when they raise their hands, there is not a bottom part to the sleeve. I tried them with shirts- they looked really silly- and finally decided to just let them wear them. However after a couple of Sundays I have decided that I still don't like them. So now I need to figure out what will make them work- tank tops, adding cloth, little jackets? I am not sure which route to go. Your girls look so cute!